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Welcome to our new Website and News Site. This is my first post. Rockwindow was born in 1981 at KMMT Radio Studios in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, of California originally entitled Rockwindow Radio. My name is Marcus Hause and my career in Radio began as a character named Marcus Aurelius. I hosted a Rock and Roll Radio show in Mammoth Lakes, California after graduating from Broadcasting School in Hollywood. The show heard Saturday nights called “The Freak Show” began the road which eventually led to the creation of Rockwindow TV. On the show, I interviewed guests or celebrities that visited Mammoth Lakes including, Richie Havens, America the Band, Tim Weisberg, Joe Sample, Dave Mason, Pablo Cruise and numerous others. After an interview with Doors Janis Joplin Producer Paul Rothchild, he urged me to return to Los Angeles where I pitched Rockwindow Radio as a television series to major studios as a “Barbara Walters Specials Show” however the twist was for “Rock Stars”. This preceded the successful MTV series “Cribs” by nine years. Rockwindow shot its original 1991 Pilot directed by Barbara Walters Director Russ Petranto of the ABC Specials. The pilot hosted by freeform Radio Icon Jim Ladd current XM radio star and Mark Goodman MTV’s First VJ. The Show shot on location at KROQ Burbank Studios where Goodman hosted a daily show and Selluloid Studios owned by the Brofman Family in Culver City, California in advance of this family buying into Universal Studios. The RW series was originally pitched to Bill Graham Presents for a Blessing from the San Francisco concert promoter to assist with content and collaboration. Bill Graham Presents found Rockwindow appealing and Graham gave the “Green Light to pursue a partnership to aid Rockwindow in its pursuit of a network contract deal. 
After Grahams untimely death Rockwindow was informed the “Rockwindow Package” was in Bills Possession when the chopper went down. This has never been proved. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Graham_helicopter_crash RockwindowTV was sold to Kelly Entertainment an NBC Affiliate from Sacramento, California in 1998 where a satellite Production office was located adjacent to Warner Bros Burbank, California. Kelly Entertainment dissolved its Entertainment division before production began and Rockwindow went into its first Hiatus.


The Rockwindow Company had been experimenting with Rockwindow on the Internet as early as 1991 when Chief Technology officer Robert Block formerly of IBM https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-block-8b18a93  broadcasted an RW Exclusive video “Pink Floyd at Pompeii” over the Internet. This early development was pre-Napster and before YouTube existed. Rockwindow changed its mission statement in 1999 from Broadcast television to an Internet Service when the company signed an agreement with Internet Ventures principles to raise capital and position Rockwindow as an Internet Play. Internet Ventures invested the initial $50,000 into the Rockwindow Corporation. Over the next year, Internet Ventures raised 1-Million into the startup Video music service. The Timing for IVI’s Strategy was perfect as Internet Ventures was in a Quiet Period and under SEC rules could not pursue Investment capital while preparing for an IPO.

Rockwindows first move, advance $20,000 to Imaginon San Carlos, California http://www.imaginon.com/pressrel/p1999/RockWindow.htm to switch from broadcast television strategy to Live Video through drip technology developed by CTO Reed Olson of Internet On Ramp Spokane, Washington. Working with Rockwindow’s team Olson shaped the cutting edge of having an the end user “Surf the Internet” while video Cached or Dripped in the background.

Load Media developed a similar technology and was producing original programming on the Sunset Strip, Hollywood. Rockwindow representatives Marketing Director Lisa Crawford and chairman Rockwindows Board of Directors Nyhl Henson, founder of MTV & CMT were working on a win win for both services. Load Medias burn rate was off charts when talks failed. Rockwindow & Load Media were out of Business with all the other Internet businesses in 2000.


Rockwindow returned to Radio again in 2005 nationwide on CRN with access to over 25 Million homes. Rockwindow had evolved over the years and this return centered the company & return to the Net. In 2014 I suffered a Major Stroke and spent 2 longs months at UCI Medical Center in Irvine California. I lost my website videos and all original content, and any presence on the net due to this illness. We have built back this site (Under Construction) which is a Labor of Love. Nyhl Henson https://www.linkedin.com/in/nyhl-henson-79033369/ is still on Board as Chairman today and continues his efforts. A special Shoutout to Craig Rosenbloom who has worked with Passion and Diligence with our Facebook Page and has built a Fan Base the Old Fashion way through, “Nose to the Grindstone Elbow Grease”. Thanks Craig, and Thank you all our RW Fans !We intend to give you the Best Rock & Roll News Experience Available on the Net today. Stay tuned……..



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